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Venezuela has already raised 5 Billion dollars for its ICO claimed their President, Nicolas Maduro.
John McAfee charges $105K per tweet promoting an ICO.
93% of trading volume on OKEx is fabricated.
Goldman Sachs is halting plans to open a crypto trading desk.
Tron's whitepaper plagiarizes Filecoins'.

Figure out what's true and what's not

What is truth?

What makes it true?

Whom do you believe?

How can I trust you?

The problem with truth

Truth is a messy thing. There are facts (objective), there are opinions (subjective), and they are truths in between. Blockchains are great for validating data — anything that has tangible proof. Such as a transaction. Or a ballot.

But what about truths that can't fit into an algorithm? Like claims that people make? There are things that are true that we determine are true because knowledgeable people have agreed upon them, independently.

Our solution

Trustory is a social network for experts to identify what is true and what isn't. You earn tokens for identifying accurate information and refuting inaccurate information and lose tokens otherwise. The app is currently focused exclusively on cryptocurrency-related topics.

Coming soon

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