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Our mission is to bring authenticity into the digital and decentralized world.

As we move toward an increasingly decentralized world, upholding the veracity of all kinds of information has become exponentially more difficult. There are no longer universally trusted central parties to keep tabs on what's real. We now live in a world in which people and entities can make false claims (especially in crypto) and profit off of them because no unified resource exists to authenticate the truth.

TruStory uses the power of token economics to create a more trustworthy reality and make community-driven validation tools readily accessible to anyone.




  • True Ventures
  • Kindred
  • Pantera
  • Coinbase
  • Wonder Ventures
  • Homebrew
  • Third Kind
  • Abstract Ventures
  • Notation
  • Ausum Ventures

Angel Investors

  • Fred Ehrsam
  • David King
  • Scott Belsky
  • Josh Elman
  • Alexia Tsotsis
  • Hello Angels
  • Shiva Rajaraman
  • Penelope Linge
  • Teddy Citrin

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