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Working at TruStory

The internet lets anyone, anywhere broadcast a message to the rest of the world. It connects the 4 billion people on the internet to one another. It’s undoubtedly the greatest invention of humanity.

But the ease of sending information undos itself because it’s what to leads to heaps of misinformation. How do you reconcile these two opposing forces, openness and trust?

One solution is to hinder or to censor. But that’s already been tried before and miserably fails. But imagine if information policed itself by the people creating that information.

At Trustory, we're looking for full-stack engineers to help build this for the world.

What we value

We value ethical, curious, and passionate people.

We don't care about your grades. We don't care about your pedigree. We care about your intellectual tenacity. We care about how you think not what you think.

What would make you a good fit

  • You get bored easily. You like working on technically challenging problems. You automate repetitive, low-level tasks. You get excited about something you don’t know. You pursue your curiosity.
  • You hate being locked down. You like having the flexibility of working how you work best. Morning or night, in or out of the office, at a desk or standing up. You like having autonomy and ownership of the product.
  • You have conviction in your ideas. If you feel strongly about something, you don’t shy away from expressing your opinion. If you're in love with something, you share it with the world.
  • Working with competent, driven people who are maniacal about what they’re working on invigorates you.


  • Complete autonomy and ownership over your projects
  • Option of getting paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible vacation
  • 12 weeks maternity/paternity leave
  • Medical/vision/dental benefits
  • Commuter benefits (up to $200/month)
  • Lunch is compensated for daily
  • ... Need something else? Just ask us

Open positions